What we do

Amaré Health was established in 2019, it was born from an increasing demand for therapy related personnel via its sister brand Social personnel who are one of the UK’s largest Social Care suppliers supporting Local Authorities and NHS Trusts.

Amaré Health was formed with two core principles:

  • Patient safety/care come first.
  • We put people at the heart of what we do.

Our aim is to provide its customers a tailored service that exceeds expectation and delivers on promises.

We have a mission to be the UK’s most respected service brand. To do this, we have established a culture that supports our team members, so they can provide exceptional service to our customers.

Amaré Health was created to agitate the market by providing a service that is cost effective to its clients, rewards and recognises its employees making it somewhere people are proud to work, but most of all it aspires to be a business that puts patient care above all else including profit.

Finally, we want to provide a learning culture where all staff, clients and candidates can contribute to how we shape our future ensuring we evolve, stay fresh, invigorating, and fun.


About Us

Amaré Health was formed in the belief that the recruitment industry is here to help the NHS and private organisations to care for their patients. Patient safety, value for money, and good quality staff are the cornerstones of our values.

We genuinely believe that we should complement the recruitment functions of our clients and bring a rigorously high standard which we commit to maintaining as individuals.

Amaré Health is approved to supply AHP, HSS and BMS staffing groups under the national frameworks.

We provide dedicated specialist teams in Therapies, Radiography, Pharmacy and BMS/HSS, all candidates are thoroughly vetted to framework standards, ensuring a safe and competent service.

Amaré means “to love”.

We love what we do, and we are passionate about delivering an exceptional service to our clients and candidates.


Why choose us?

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be fully compliant
Healthcare professionals
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Work with Amare

With our committed team of market experts, experienced recruiters & dedicated resourcers, Amaré Health aims to provide to all those we work with; from the candidates that we work with to our end clients within the NHS, Local Authorities & Private Sector Settings, the best and optimum level of service.

We are here to be consulted and make sure that when handling your job search or staff sourcing that we work specifically to your requirements in a timely manner to best serve your needs.

Whether you are a job seeker in search of a new position or one of our clients in need of the right practitioners we ensure that we look to service your needs by presenting you with the vacancies that match your career aspirations & the strongest skilled staff applicable needed as per your job requirements.

Be sure to get in touch with us today should you have any queries and we can get to work on finding that perfect job role or the best member of staff for your team today!



Catch up with the team behind Amaré Health.

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