Get the most out of your next locum placement

Whether you are going locum for the first time, or you just fancied a little more flexibility again, the jump from a permanent position can always seem daunting. But, meeting a new team, learning new practice methods, and improving your skills in your chosen field in healthcare can be incredibly rewarding if you take the experience by the reigns. Read our top tips on how to get the most out of your next locum placement.

Do your research

 Make sure you have researched, planned, and tested your route to work before, and plan to arrive early to allow for any unexpected delays. If you are working with an agency, they will be able to help you with routes, parking, and transport options to work, especially if the area is unfamiliar to you.

You will have most-likely met your manager and other key colleagues during the interview process, however, use the website and any other resources you have to know the names of your team ahead of time, which allows for easier introductions, and helps you to feel less nervous and more prepared.

Interact with your line manager as much as possible

Make sure to reiterate your previous experience in your chosen field to your manager to ensure you receive the correct support and training and give the staff a solid understanding of your abilities and skills. This is also a great opportunity to lay out your learning objectives, especially if your placement is more long-term, so your manager can give you opportunities to complete these as much as possible.

Asking your manager as many questions as possible in the first week, especially about hospital / clinic logistics, computer equipment and where patient files are located is beneficial in saving you time later, as well as allowing you to integrate yourself into the space as quickly as possible.

Get to know the hospital’s SOPs

 It is vital that you make yourself aware of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) as soon as possible, although your previous training and experience may be similar, there are usually a few differences between hospitals. Familiarising yourself with these helps you to make a mental note of the things that are different but also communicate those to your manager or colleagues so you can gain some better insight into how these procedures are put into practice.

Allow some time to get used to the intranet at your hospital/clinic

 Your induction week is the best opportunity to make yourself aware of the intranet, which will give you quick access to lots of helpful numbers, resources and more. Having a solid understanding of how to use the intranet is great in emergencies or just for seamless communication with your colleagues.

The intranet usually includes information on:

  • Departments, wards and their opening times
  • Important staff contacts
  • Phone numbers
  • Bleep number details
  • Clinical pathways
  • pharmacy and medical resources
  • Drug and therapeutics committee
  • The systems used in the prescribing formularies

Keep in regular contact with your agency

Not only will your agency will give you all the information you need to start your first day right, such as transport options and who to report to, but they will also prove helpful throughout your time as a locum. Your agency can be helpful in dealing with any issues you might have, from timesheets to shift patterns to unexpected leave, the experienced consultants are there to help you deal with the admin tasks and communication involved. Agencies also act as a great support network if you are feeling overwhelmed after a difficult shift- the consultants at Amaré Health are always here to chat with our candidates, to provide advice, point you in the direction of helpful resources, or just listen.


And that’s it! You should be all set to begin a rewarding and fulfilling locum role where you can meet new people and build upon your skillset.

If you are looking for your next locum position in Nursing, HCA, AHP or BMS sectors, get in touch with us via [email protected] and our expert consultants will help you start your journey.