Preparing for an interview in healthcare: our top tips

Healthcare interviews can be nerve-racking, but with the right preparation you can go in with your best foot forward and ready to impress the panel with your experience and industry insight. As experts in the industry, we thought we’d share some top tips to help you secure that healthcare role! 



It needn’t be said that getting familiar with the job description and researching the core values of the company is the very least you should be doing before the big day. We also recommend revisiting what you wrote in your application on how you met the job requirements. 


Practice questions with a friend

It’s a good idea to anticipate the types of questions that could come up in your interview so that you’re more prepared. Maybe even get a friend to go over them with you so you can practice your answers. Here’s some common questions that arise in healthcare interviews to help you prepare: 


  • What would you bring to the job?
  • Why this department/role?
  • Explain a time where you provided exceptional care?
  • How would you deal with a difficult client? 
  • If you saw a fellow colleague disrespecting a patient, what would you do?
  • How do you see yourself progressing professionally? 


Have one or two questions up your sleeve

For extra brownie points, try asking the panel some questions at the end of your interview. This will highlight your genuine interest in the role and show that you’ve been listening. It is also a good opportunity for you to find out anything about the company/role that wasn’t listed in the job description or by the interviewer. Be sure not to bombard your prospective employee otherwise, just like on a date, you might come across high maintenance and scare them off! Be selective and make sure to only ask questions that are relevant and necessary. 


Be organised

You might feel silly acting like it’s your first day at school tomorrow, but it will pay off to pack your bag the night before and have your outfit hanging up and ready to go. This way, you won’t be A) faffing around at the last minute trying to iron that annoying crease in your blouse, B) stressed due to said flustering or C) late. 


During the interview 

You’re on time because you packed the night before – good start! Now you need to continue to make a good impression. Make sure to smile, be clear and concise with your answers and maintain strong eye contact with the panel/interviewer. Be conscious of your body language (e.g. sit up straight to radiate confidence, no one wants to hire someone who’s slumped over in their chair!). Remember to underpin your answers with clear examples that convey your skills and experience. 


Now you’re ready to go and smash that interview! We wish you the best of luck – remember to take your time and even if you’re feeling confident, act it until you are. 


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