Why go locum as an allied health professional?


Are you an allied health professional thinking of switching from a permanent role to a locum position? Whether it be for a better work-life balance, more time with patients, or an opportunity to develop your skillset, these reasons may just be the reason you make the switch.



Contrary to what you may think, locum AHP roles tend to provide similar amounts of stability to a permanent role; compared with nursing roles, AHP contracts are usually 3-6 months, or in some cases, years. If you are a little apprehensive about making the jump from permanent to locum, AHPs are in the best stead to still feel some form of job stability and security.


More flexibility and Improved work-life balance

As with all locum positions, you can have more control over your shifts, your working hours and the type of work that you do. With burnout and compassion fatigue common symptoms within healthcare settings, it is important to feel (and know) that you can take some time for yourself, your family and friends, and any life admin. In this line of work, it is often hard to switch off and go home on time, being able to complete your set hours and then go home after your locum shifts alleviates the pressure often found with full-time positions.


More choice in where you work

Want to stay on the frontline instead of moving up into management? For some, this is the ideal situation, which is made all the more possible when you are an AHP switching to a locum role. A large number of those working in allied health professions enjoy the patient-focussed aspect of the role that they usually experience during the majority of their training and junior career and a move away from this when the inevitable opportunity to move into a more senior role arises can often be a turn-off for those that enjoy the fast-paced and rewarding, patient-facing environment of the front-line. Locum work keeps you in the roles that are most fulfilling for you.


Experience and shared knowledge

Many AHPs usually tend to specialise in an area they find rewarding, however, for those who are still unsure, locum work allows you to spend more time picking and choosing which areas they would like to develop, something that may not be as easily achievable when working in a permanent role. Whether it be mental health, paediatrics or rehab, a locum role allows you to enrich your career on your own terms. Or alternatively, you can build up your understanding of specific knowledge across the board. AHP locums also have the rewarding opportunity to share their specialisms or plethora of knowledge with those less experienced than themselves, which not only allows you to feel like you are helping others but gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with others on a more regular basis.


Increased job satisfaction

Having the freedom to do things your way, do the work you love and interact with people more regularly will allow you to be happier in your professional life as well as stay motivated, beating those pesky risks of burnout. If you are looking for a new locum position as an AHP, get in touch with us now via email at [email protected] or click here to visit the jobs section of our website to view our latest vacancies.