Virtual patient simulations launched to help train physiotherapy staff with decision-making

Virtual patient simulations have been rolled out by The Personalised Care Institute as a training resource for physiotherapy staff.

It is designed to help strengthen clinicians’ shared decision-making (SDM) skills through a series of simulated lifelike patient consultations.

Created in collaboration with Keele University, the virtual patient scenarios are freely available to all healthcare professionals.

Each ‘consultation’ can be completed in 10-15 minutes and has been shown to improve patient outcomes by providing staff with a risk-free environment to enhance their clinical skills.

Abi Henderson, CSP head of practice improvement, says: “Shared decision making is fundamental to the delivery of high-quality physiotherapy where people are truly at the centre of their care.

“It takes skills to deliver this collaborative approach successfully. This innovative training is a great opportunity for physiotherapy staff to practise and refine these skills, which will help deliver improved patient care and outcomes.”

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