UK workers increasingly absent from work due to burn-out says Mental Health UK

Mental Health UK has noted a ‘worrying’ trend in people calling in sick to work due to burn-out. 


The charity has labelled the UK the ‘burn-out nation’ suggesting that global issues such as financial uncertainty and climate change have resulted in shared ‘feelings of hopelessness’. 


A recent YouGov poll revealed that more than a third of adults are dealing with extreme pressures in the workplace. 


Of the 2,060 participants, 35% said they had been experiencing high to extreme pressure in their professional lives, while 20% admitted to taking time off due to mental health issues. 


Mental Health UK’s chief executive, Brian Dow commented: 


“High levels of work absence due to poor mental health are a major challenge, but its causes are complex.


“Public attitudes and understanding towards mental health and work have changed, particularly as the workplace transformed overnight in response to the pandemic.


“Meanwhile, we live in unprecedented times, and life outside work has become increasingly difficult due to the cost of living crisis and pressures on public services, while global challenges such as climate change and artificial intelligence fuel stress, anxiety and feelings of hopelessness.”


Dow has urged for a ‘national conversation’ so that better support can be put in place for anyone struggling. 


A government spokesperson said: “We are investing £2.3bn into mental health services and putting almost 400,000 extra people through NHS talking therapies.


“But the link between work and good mental health is clear, which is why our back to work plan will help hundreds of thousands including those with long-term health conditions to break down barriers to work.


“Inactivity has reduced by over 300,000 since the pandemic peak, and our occupational health consultation will help make sure businesses offer the best possible health support to their staff.”


If you feel like work is starting to impact your mental well-being then it’s important to get the help and support you need. NHS workers can access the mental health and wellbeing hubs free of charge. Those who work for a private healthcare organisation are advised to seek advice from their local GP.


Here at Amaré, we care deeply about our candidates’ mental health and will continue to advocate for better support for healthcare workers in the UK. 


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