The vital role of occupational therapy in social care

Did you know that occupational therapists are responsible for 35– 45% of local authority referrals despite only comprising of 2% of the workforce? In this blog, we take time to recognise and celebrate the significant role occupational therapists play in social care settings. 

Enhancing independence

Occupational therapists help individuals regain and maintain their ability to perform daily activities, which is vital for maintaining their independence and quality of life.

Personalised care

OTs assess each person’s unique needs and design personalised intervention plans, ensuring that care is tailored to individual requirements.

Improving quality of life

Occupational therapy can significantly improve the overall well-being of individuals by addressing physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges that may limit their engagement in daily life.

Preventing hospitalisation

By facilitating individuals’ abilities to live independently, occupational therapists can often prevent unnecessary hospital admissions or long-term care facility placements; taking pressure off our already strained NHS.

Promoting social inclusion

Occupational therapists assist in creating environments and conditions that allow individuals to actively participate in their communities, reducing social isolation.

Mental health support

They can help individuals cope with mental health challenges, such as anxiety or depression, which often accompany physical or cognitive limitations.

Director of Practice and Innovation at the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT), Karin Orman, said: 

‘Getting the social care workforce right will mean that more people will get the care they need, when they need it. We hope this strategy will help address some of the challenges faced by the sector, particularly in terms of recruitment and retention of staff. This will better align health and social care. The impact, leadership and unique skillset of the occupational therapy workforce is essential to address some of these concerns and deliver care services fit for the future. We’re looking forward to working with Skills for Care to develop a workforce strategy that will work for everyone.’ 

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