The tips all healthcare graduates need to read

So, university is over, gone are the long days of unpaid placements, weekly socials and late-night essays. You have finished your healthcare degree and want to k ow what happens next. It is normal to feel a bit apprehensive about the next steps after studying for years, so we have put together some top tips to help you get your career started as a healthcare graduate, keep reading to find out more.

Get your registration sorted early

 As you know, you will need to be registered with your relevant regulator in order to practice in your field. Make sure to register with the correct regulator such as the NMC, HCPC, GPhC, etc, for your profession within enough time to start your new role. It is your responsibility to ensure your registration is approved before you start work, and most regulators will not prioritise applications based on the start date.


Consider being a member of a charitable organisation

Organisations such as the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) can be extremely beneficial in kickstarting your career in the right direction. Unsure of what organisation to join? Your university lecturer or a recruitment consultant will be able to point you in the right direction.

One of the main benefits of some of these organisations can be the trade union representation, which will advocate and support you at every step of your journey. These professional bodies also provide additional benefits such as student graduate networks with job openings and career advice, resource libraries, discounted or free CPD events, insurance and round-the-clock support from specialist teams.


Research the opportunities you are applying for

Getting started in a role as soon as possible is most likely your priority after graduating, but it is important to take some time to research the role and measure it against some ‘non-negotiables’ you have set for yourself. Think back to your clinical rotations and your time on placement and figure out what aspects of roles you really enjoyed, and what you didn’t. this will help you not rush into a role that you may end up disliking, and will also help you feel more confident, fulfilled and supported.


Utilise recruitment agencies for expert career advice and support

Recruitment agencies can be really beneficial to new graduates. Recruitment Consultants have built up a specialist understanding of certain areas of healthcare and understand how the industry works, meaning they will be able to recommend you for roles where they know you will be suited. Working alongside a consultant can also save you a lot of time in your job search, this helps to provide you with some much-needed rest bite after a tough few years of studying and doing exams.

The consultants here at Amaré Health specialise in multiple areas of healthcare, such as Nursing, Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacy, Therapies and more. When you register with us, you will be paired with a consultant that specialises in the sector you have graduated in, and they will be able to use their key industry insight to provide you with quality opportunities in organisations that are looking for graduates. We also pride ourselves on putting your career goals and any other personal-related job requirements at the forefront of our search, meaning we will only send you roles we know you will find fulfilling and comfortable in.


If you would like to begin your career journey with Amaré, get in touch with our friendly team: [email protected]