The first women’s health strategy for England: how is the physiotherapy workforce involved?

As a way to tackle the gender health gap in England, The Department of Health and Social Care has created the first ever strategy to improve the health and wellbeing of women and girls.


The goal is to gather new research and data to update the guidance for female specific health conditions, expand the education of women’s health focused education and most importantly ensure that all women have access to high quality health information. This is the first step to have women’s voices heard in terms of women’s healthcare and accordingly shape and improve the services within the NHS.


The Charted Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) director of policy, Rob Yeldham has stated that ‘the physiotherapy workforce will be key to achieving all these goals as they play a vital role in supporting women in many areas.’ The Department of Health and Social Care will work closely with physiotherapy staff, who will have a key role to play in implementing the aims of the strategy.


It’s great to see the physiotherapy workforce being so involved in this vital project. This will also be an exciting opportunity for the industry to get more involved in new healthcare strategies in future.


You can click here to view the full Women’s Health Strategy for England document for more information.