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Avoiding emotional burnout as an occupational therapist

Emotional burnout is often a reaction to a prolonged period of stress, with the key symptoms consisting of lack of motivation, fatigue and feelings of hopelessness. Unfortunately, burnout is particularly common in the healthcare sector where staff work long hours and are often subject to high-stress situations.    So how can you avoid emotional burnout …

Avoid burnout as a healthcare professional

Burnout occurs in all types of working environments, however, due to the complexities and pressures of working as a healthcare professional, you may potentially experience burnout more frequently. We have put together a whole guide to burnout, keep reading to get some tips and advice about how to prevent and overcome it.  

Managing stress as a healthcare professional

As a healthcare professional you are looking after people all day, so it is vital that you take time to look after yourself too. You are most likely aware of what stress is, when you experience it and how it affects you. However, everyone needs a reminder of some tips on managing stress, whether that …