Specialist treatment rolled out for pregnant women in the UK

The NHS has launched medical care centres to support pregnant women with existing health conditions or pregnancy-related complications. 

This initiative will see 17 new centres open their doors to women who need quick access to medical advice, either before, during, or after their pregnancy. 

It arrives as part of the NHS commitment to halve the maternal mortality rate by 2025. 

From expert physicians and obstetricians to midwives and nurses, each clinic is equipped to provide expert advice to mothers and mothers-to-be. 

Centres will be located up and down the country – including in London, Oxford, Liverpool and Manchester – to ensure maternal medical care is accessible to everyone. 

While maternal mortality in the UK is quite uncommon, data from the NHS has shown that most deaths can be attributed to missed medical conditions such as cardiac disease (23%), blood clots (15%), and epilepsy and stroke (13%).

Through rolling out these hubs, it is hoped that any warning signs indicating undiagnosed conditions can be spotted early to prevent further complications. 

Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent, England’s chief midwifery officer, said: “We know that pre-existing medical problems are a significant factor in the variation in rates of mortality for Black and Asian women.

“The establishment of these maternal medical networks will improve every woman’s access to specialist care for medical problems in pregnancy and will play an important part in our wider efforts to improve care for women and babies right across our maternity services.”

Amare Health is a massive advocate for women’s health, and we’re so happy to see this initiative take off. 

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