Reminding Mental Health Professions “To Love” what they do!

Amaré Health was founded on a very simple principle; to make sure we put the heart back into Mental Health & AHP recruitment! Mental Health plays a key part in everyone’s daily lives; from getting annoyed when our train gets delayed, to feeling a little out of space or even losing someone important to us.

We all deal with things we don’t feel we can share with the world & not being able to share them can be crushing.

Don’t worry though. There is a silver lining. We may feel like we have no one to talk to, but there are so many practitioners across the country that are dedicated to making sure we don’t sink under the weight of our baggage. Service’s like CAMHS, Community Services, IAPT and so many, just as important, that are dedicated to give us the help we need to make sure we can go about our days with a smile.

What’s scary about the whole thing, is that currently 2 out of 5 NHS Staff in England, over the course of the last year, have been so stressed they have felt unwell. 39.8% of the NHS workforce are stressed in their employment (the highest in 5 years!) and 51% are thinking about actually throwing in the towel.

But the worst part is that of the half of the workers that are considering leaving the services we need, 21% of them want out of the NHS entirely.

What Amaré is offering an alternate way of staffing to make sure we hold on to these staff and keep the NHS full of the unsung heroes.

We’re here to remind you To Love what you do because if our Mental Health and AHP staff begin to want out, then the only people that will loose are the service users in need of them.

We pride ourselves on empathy. We try to understand not just the needs of the staff we place but the services we work with. We want to make sure that our staff and client satisfaction is at the highest level with every role we handle because, like the rest of the country, we want to make sure that we hold on to our NHS staff and make sure that they, too, go about their days with a smile.

If work life is becoming too stressful, difficult or unhappy then give us a call as we are here to help. We want to make sure that you love what you do.