Registering with HCPC? Here’s everything you need to know

Are you a newly qualified healthcare professional, need to re-register with HCPC or simply just want more information about registering? We have compiled clear guidance about the registration process, keep reading to find out everything you need to know.



HCPC, or the Health and Care Professions Council, have a register that stores the details of all health and care professionals who meet the council’s standards for conduct, training, performance, professional skills, behaviour, health, and ethics. The HCPC also regulates 15 different health and care professions by setting and maintaining standards, approving programmes as well as taking action to protect the public.


Being registered with HCPC allows employers and service users to see that you actively demonstrate your ability to conduct safe and effective practice in your profession. They know what to expect from you and trust that you treat all service users and carers with respect, communicate appropriately and effectively as well as respect confidentiality. Most healthcare job roles also require candidates to be HCPC registered.


The application process is dependent on whether you have completed your training inside or outside the UK. Before applying using the UK training route, you must check whether you hold a qualification from an education or historical programme that is HCPC approved. Next, fill out an online application and upload the necessary documents, this usually gets approved within 10 working days. Lastly, you must pay the registration fee and ensure you know when to next renew your registration as each profession has a different renewal date.


One of the requirements of the registration process is to meet the set standards of continuing professional development (CPD). Keeping this standard up demonstrates to HCPC that you are continuously able to practise safely and effectively. The CPD requirements are flexible in the fact that you can choose your own development needs and in which method you can best meet them. These can include work-based learning, professional activity, formal education, and self-directed learning.


For more information about HCPC and the registration process, click here.