Physiotherapists championed in CMO’s annual report

Chris Whitty’s annual report, published 10 November, places a significant focus on the vital role of physiotherapists in regards to maximising the independence and reducing health problems in old people. 


The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy supports the report, which explores the benefits of physiotherapy such injury prevention, self-management stategies and physical health promotion. 


Karen Middleton, chief executive of the CSP said: “We welcome the publication of the CMO’s annual report, with its clear focus on the country’s ageing population and prevention. To echo the CMO’s sentiment on living well in old age, physiotherapy has a vital role in adding life to years and, where possible, years to life.


“There is a clear message to the medical profession in this report that growing multi-morbidity requires more generalists than specialists. This is something that the physiotherapy profession has recognised and is adapting our training to.


“It is also encouraging to see physio specifically mentioned in the report, particularly around falls prevention, with independence and physical activity also key themes where physio plays a pivotal role, running throughout the report.” 


“The geographical challenges highlighted speak to the need for investment in community rehabilitation, and for it to be accessible closer to where people live, not just in acute hospitals or major population centres. This aligns with the CSP’s belief that everyone has a right to rehab, no matter where you are in the country.


“Any investment in rehab services, however, must include the workforce to deliver them. By highlighting AHPs throughout the report, it sends a clear message that investment in these essential roles must not be overlooked.” 


You can read the full report here: Chief Medical Officer’s annual report 2023: health in an ageing society.


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