Physio staff join industrial action for better pay

More than 4,000 members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) took part in NHS walk-outs on February 9 in a fight for better pay.


Essential services, such as supporting stroke patients and those in critical care were provided as usual.


This marked the second day of strike action for physio staff, who said they will step down if the government agrees to enter negotiations.


The CSP says the government’s refusal to meet is “inexplicable” considering the current state of the NHS and the staffing shortages that have arisen as a result.


Claire Sullivan, CSP director of employment relations, said: “The government must come to the table with something tangible that we can put to our members to prevent more strikes following if there is no progress.


“We’re determined to secure a pay deal that helps our members cope with the cost-of-living crisis, and helps the NHS recruit and retain staff to deliver the services that patients desperately need.”


The current pay award offered by the government is less than half the rate of inflation.


How much are physiotherapists being paid? 


Physiotherapists play an important, yet arguably invisible role in getting people to regain their life back after an injury or illness.


Qualified physiotherapists can come in at Band 5, earning between £27,055 to £32,934. Senior physiotherapists usually earn around £33,706 and £40,588 (Band 6).


However, until salaries are in line with inflation/can accommodate for the cost-of-living crisis, the CSP will continue in the fight for fairer pay.

Amaré Health supports fair pay for all physio staff and aims to keep you updated on the latest strike action.

All CSP members are able to take part on strike days, even if you didn’t vote. To find out when your employer is next taking industrial action, keep an eye on the industrial action hub here.


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