New virtual physiotherapy service launched in the UK

Teledoc Health has launched a new physiotherapy service which offers patients access to physiotherapy treatments without the need for a GP referral. 

The service is available via phone call or video consultation, helping patients manage their symptoms/alleviate pain from home. 

To access the service, patients must first attend a 45-minute consultation with a physio to assess their condition. 

Teladoc said it will facilitate any referrals that may be needed during the course of the treatment. 

With musculoskeletal issues impacting approximately 1.71 billion people worldwide, the healthcare company hopes its innovative virtual service will help improve access to physiotherapy 

Will Kenton, head of physiotherapy at Teladoc Health UK, said: “Having quick access to physiotherapy improves patient outcomes. What is great about the virtual approach is that traditional face-to-face physiotherapy is not a requirement for many common MSK presentations.

“I had a patient who rolled their ankle playing football. Often these injuries can cause significant uncertainty and concern for the patient. Despite considerable swelling and bruising at the time, I could rule out any consequential damage or cause for concern. Working closely with the patient, we completed a six-week rehabilitative exercise program. I’m pleased to report they are back playing football pain-free!”.

Here at Amaré Health, we are excited to see a growing emphasis on technology in the physiotherapy sector and the opportunities it will unlock for professionals and patients. 

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