Mental health hubs are available to all healthcare staff

As a healthcare professional, your day-to-day life is centred around helping others but sometimes this can lead to staff neglecting their own wellbeing. That’s why the NHS has launched mental health and wellbeing hubs for healthcare professionals across the UK. The service offers everything from free therapy sessions, to support for those who have experienced a traumatic event.


This #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, we thought we would raise awareness about these hubs, carry on reading to find out how to access these online hubs and more about the type of help available. 


How can I access the NHS mental health and wellbeing hubs? 


Accessing the hubs is easy – just follow this link and use the sidebar to find your local hub. There are a total of 40 support hubs. 


How do I know if the service is for me? 


The hubs are a great resource for healthcare professionals who have been struggling with their mental health and need confidential support. Complete the following self-assessment to find out which services would be most beneficial to your situation. 


Key benefits? 


Here’s a few reasons you might consider accessing the hubs: 


  • Confidentiality 


The service is completely separate from your organisation and they will not be notified if you choose to access the hubs. Visit the NHS website to find out more. 


  • Free access 


Access to the hubs is completely free of charge for all healthcare professionals. If you have a colleague who you think would benefit, you can also refer them (with permission).


  • Available to all NHS staff 


Whether you’re a community nurse, or a full time occupational therapist, the hubs are available to everyone who works for the NHS. 


  • Offers a wealth of resources 


Following a clinical assessment you will be referred to local services which best fit your needs. 


If you think the hubs could benefit your wellbeing, visit the NHS website today. Remember, help is always available so don’t suffer in silence. 


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