It’s Cervical Cancer Prevention week: here’s how you can get involved

This week marks Cervical Prevention week, a cancer which impacts 2,700 women in England each year. Let’s help raise awareness for cervical cancer to help keep ourselves and others safe.


Know the symptoms:


  • Vaginal bleeding between periods (that is not usual for you) 
  • Changes in vaginal discharge 
  • Periods that are heavier than normal 
  • Pain during intercourse 
  • Lower back pain 


While these symptoms can be caused by a significant number of factors, it is still important to see your GP to rule out cervical cancer. 


Book your cervical screening


Those eligible for a cervical screening (women aged 25 to 64) should book them as and when prompted by your GP. You will usually receive a SMS reminder from your local practice. 


Educate others


Remind your friends and family to get their smear tests – these look for cell changes in the cervix, which if detected early on can help prevent cervical cancer.


Research the HPV vaccine 


Consider getting the HPV vaccine if you haven’t already (certain HPV types can cause cervical cancer). 


Donate to charity 


Another way you can get involved with Cervical Cancer Prevention week is by giving to charities such as Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust or Cancer Research UK.


Raise awareness on social media 


Get people talking! Use the hashtags #CervicalCancerPrevention, #CervicalHealth #CervicalScreening and #PreventCervicalCancer on your social media platforms. 

For further support and resources, check out this useful post from Cancer Research.