Extension of the COVID-19 Temporary Register – everything you need to know

The government has recently announced plans to keep the temporary nursing register open for an additional two years, despite original plans to close it on September 30 2022.


This means nursing staff currently listed on the temporary register are permitted to continue practice within the NHS.


Initially opened in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the register serves to support the health and social care system to deliver in times of unprecedented demand by offering further capacity.


In addition to extending the emergency register, the ‘Our plan for patients’ initiative commits to offering new models of care and new roles for frontline health professionals, as well as recruiting more healthcare from overseas.


However, with around 47,000 vacant nursing positions across the NHS, the Royal College of Nursing have emphasised that the extension of the temporary register does not provide a long-term solution for the NHS staffing crisis.


Patricia Marquis, Director for England says: “Urgent investment is needed to recruit and retain nursing staff for the long term. This includes fair pay and funding tuition fees, rather than short term steps to bring back those who have already left.”


We advise all temporarily registered nursing staff who want to continue practising to move to the permanent register to ensure job security in the future.

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