Breast Cancer awareness month: spotting the signs

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month and here at Amaré Health, we want to help raise awareness around the importance of checking for breast cancer symptoms and the support available.


Finding your breast cancer early can drastically improve the outcome of your treatment – that’s why knowing the signs to look out for is crucial.


Based on information provided by Cancer Research UK, this blog shares insight into the early symptoms of breast cancer and where to seek help.


Signs to look out for


Before examining your breasts, it is important to know what is normal for you so you are more aware when a change does occur or something doesn’t feel or look quite right. It is advised you keep an eye on:


  • Changes in shape, size or feel (it is important to note that it is natural for your breasts to change around your menstrual cycle, so always check again a few days later if you think you’ve found something).

  • A lump – this can appear in either your breast or your armpit.

  • Fluctuation in texture, e.g. a rash, dimpling or redness.

  • Change in location or appearance of your nipple.

  • Breast pain (although this symptom alone is unlikely to be a sign of cancer).

  • Discharge from either of your nipples (unless you are pregnant).


Support and next steps


Book an appointment with your GP if you come across any of these changes or have any concerns. Not all lumps are cancerous but it is paramount you get checked out by a medical professional should you be displaying any of these signs.


If you are a woman between the ages of 50-70 it is important you attend your mammogram appointment which you will be offered every 3 years. The screening programme is designed to find breast cancer before symptoms emerge.


We hope this article proved helpful and we encourage readers to share it with their network to help raise awareness of the early signs of breast cancer.

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