An overview of changes to the first contact physiotherapy roadmap

Did you know that the first contact physiotherapy roadmap is changing? In this blog, we offer a brief overview of what these changes are, as well as the response from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). 


What’s changing?


  • The independent portfolio route will no longer be an option (date TBC). Those who have already started will have six months to complete it. Replacing the independent portfolio route will be a supported portfolio rute via higher education institutes. 


  • Primary Care Training Hubs and HEIs will take over supervision responsibilities. Future for Roadmap supervisor roles has not been covered. 


  • Stage 3 of the roadmap will be omitted.


  • As part of the shift towards self-regulation, NHSE WTE will discontinue the issuance of digital badges for FCP level of practice to individuals who have previously finished the Roadmap.


Thoughts from the CSP? 


The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has said it supports these changes as it believes they will lead to “a more effective, better governed system of recognition [which will be] easier for members to navigate.” 


In regards to the portfolio changes, the CSP is pushing for an extended deadline for those who are already undertaking this route. The union described the current six month proposal as an ‘unrealistic and an unfair deadline’.


To find out more about the changes to the first contact physiotherapy roadmap, check out the CSP website


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