5 ways to support your LGBTQ+ colleagues

As a healthcare professional, it’s essential to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all patients and colleagues, including those who identify as LGBTQ+. Here are five ways you can support your LGBTQ+ colleagues this pride month (and beyond!). 

1. Educate yourself: Take the initiative to educate yourself about LGBTQ+, terminology and current issues affecting the community. Remember, it’s not your colleagues’ job to keep you informed so try to avoid asking questions which may come across as ignorant before doing your research!

2. Foster a safe and inclusive workplace: Create a work environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all colleagues. Encourage open communication, respect diversity, and discourage discriminatory language or behaviour. This includes calling people out for prejudiced comments/actions and reporting them to senior staff immediately. 

3. Use proper terminology and pronouns: Respect people’s pronouns. Ask for preferred pronouns and gender identity when appropriate, and make an effort to use inclusive language. Avoid making assumptions or using heteronormative language.

4. Provide LGBTQ+-friendly resources: Ensure that your workplace has relevant resources readily available. This can include leaflets, posters, or brochures about LGBTQ+ health, local LGBTQ+ organisations, support groups, and helplines. Having these resources visible can signal to colleagues (and clients) that you are supportive and knowledgeable about LGBTQ+ issues.

5. Support professional development: Encourage your LGBTQ+ colleagues to participate in professional development opportunities, conferences, and workshops specifically focused on LGBTQ+ healthcare. Advocate for LGBTQ+ cultural competency training within your organisation and consider arranging training sessions to enhance colleagues’ understanding and skills in providing inclusive care.

Remember that support should be an ongoing effort (aka not just Pride Month), and it’s crucial to listen to the specific needs and experiences of your LGBTQ+ colleagues. 

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