5 things you should NEVER include in your CV

When applying for a new role, your CV plays a starring role in convincing your potential employer that you are the best candidate for the job. That’s why your CV must portray you in the best light – and while you may have a lot to say, there are certain things you should leave out if you want to land that dream role! In this blog, we share five things you should never include in your CV. 

1. Personal information

Of course, your CV needs to be slightly personal – its whole purpose is to showcase your work experience and skills after all. But there are certain things, such as your date of birth, marital status and selfies, that are simply a no-go. These details are typically considered irrelevant and may lead to potential bias in the hiring process.

2. Unrelated hobbies and interests

While it’s common to include hobbies and interests on a CV, avoid listing unrelated or controversial ones. Focus on activities that demonstrate relevant skills or qualities for the healthcare position. For example, mentioning your love for rom-coms may not be as relevant as volunteering at a local health clinic.

3. Negative information

Your CV should be a positive representation of your qualifications and experiences. Avoid including any negative information about past employers, coworkers, or experiences. Keep your CV professional and focused on your accomplishments.

4. Irrelevant work experience

Only include work experience that is directly related to the specific job you’re applying for. Listing unrelated jobs or experiences that don’t demonstrate your qualifications can clutter your CV and make it harder for the hiring manager to see your relevant skills.

5. False information

Honesty is paramount when crafting your CV. Never include false information, such as fake qualifications, certifications, or job titles. Employers in the healthcare sector place a high value on integrity, and any misrepresentation can lead to serious consequences, including job termination or loss of professional licensure.

We hope you found this blog of use – best of luck in your job search! Remember, Amaré Health is here to support you with all things career-related, including interview tips, industry insight and career opportunities. Call us now on 0203 929 4017 for more info.