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Extension of the COVID-19 Temporary Register – everything you need to know

The government has recently announced plans to keep the temporary nursing register open for an additional two years, despite original plans to close it on September 30 2022.   This means nursing staff currently listed on the temporary register are permitted to continue practice within the NHS.   Initially opened in response to the COVID-19 …

Avoid burnout as a healthcare professional

Burnout occurs in all types of working environments, however, due to the complexities and pressures of working as a healthcare professional, you may potentially experience burnout more frequently. We have put together a whole guide to burnout, keep reading to get some tips and advice about how to prevent and overcome it.  

Why you should be using a recruitment agency for your next placement

Looking for your next healthcare role? Here at Amare, we are approved to recruit AHP, HSS, Nursing, HCA and BMS staff under the national frameworks. Job searching can be a lengthy process and it is often hard to dedicate some time to research and apply to roles amongst the day-to-day pressures of your personal and professional …