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Could hearing aids help reduce the risk of dementia?

According to researchers, hearing aids could help reduce the risk of dementia.  The study, which was published in The Lancet public health journal, explored the link between hearing aid use and dementia. Participants were all adults aged 40–69 years and were examined over a ten-year period.  The results showed that those without hearing aids who …

Government commits to boosting occupational health services

The UK government has shared plans to boost occupational services and add to the workforce.  This move was announced as part of Jeremy Hunt’s spring budget, which highlighted the need for improved occupational health (OH) services.  It is hoped that with this move will come improved employee retention and better support for those returning to …

New ultrasound treatment developed to improve Parkinson’s disease symptoms

A new ultrasound treatment has developed to help improve Parkinson’s disease symptoms.    The procedure is minimally invasive and has proven to be successful in reducing tremors, mobility and other physical symptoms.    The New England Journal of Medicine published the study, which involved 94 Parkinson’s disease patients.   Randomly selected members of the group …