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Transparent mouse can detect cancerous tumours in the first stages of formation

A transparent mouse is helping scientists detect cancerous tumours in the first stages of formation.   This new scanning method enables researchers to see tissue in detail never achieved before.     It has been described as having “a wealth of potential” by Cancer Research UK.    Prof Ali Ertürk of the Helmholtz Munich research …

NHS trial blood test for 50 cancer types shows signs of success

A blood test which can detect more than 50 cancer types showed signs of success in a recent NHS trial. Of the 5,000 people who had sought medical advice for suspected symptoms, the test accurately diagnosed two out of every three cancers.  Furthermore, it was able to pinpoint the site of the cancer in 85% …

New treatment for cervical cancer

A new immunotherapy drug is being offered to hundreds of women in the UK with advanced cervical cancer. The treatment, pembrolizumab, is the first new drug to tackle cervical cancer to be released in 14 years.  According to clinical trial data, it can extend patients’ lives by up to eight months when issued alongside chemotherapy.  …