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Why you should be using a recruitment agency for your next placement

Looking for your next healthcare role? Here at Amare, we are approved to recruit AHP, HSS, Nursing, HCA and BMS staff under the national frameworks. Job searching can be a lengthy process and it is often hard to dedicate some time to research and apply to roles amongst the day-to-day pressures of your personal and professional …

Interview questions you may be asked as a healthcare professional

So you have read through our interview tips blog post and now need to take some time to think about how you will answer possible interview questions? We have put together a list of potential questions below:  

Managing stress as a healthcare professional

As a healthcare professional you are looking after people all day, so it is vital that you take time to look after yourself too. You are most likely aware of what stress is, when you experience it and how it affects you. However, everyone needs a reminder of some tips on managing stress, whether that …