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Predicting survival rates of brain cancer patients using AI

AI can now predict the survival rate of people with brain cancer.   The technology can successfully tell us if, after receiving radiotherapy, patients will survive for more than eight months.    Utilising AI for accurate prognosis prediction could help clinicians with treatment choices and early intervention, ultimately helping patients live longer.    It is …

How is AI redefining radiology?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is making a promising dent in the radiology field when it comes to early cancer detection.  The new tool, Sybil, pinpoints where lung cancer is most likely to appear so the patient can start treatment as soon as possible.  Developed by scientists at the Mass General Cancer Center and the Massachusetts …

We asked ChatGPT “Why should I work in healthcare?”: here are the results

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) language model, has been hitting the headlines recently for its unparalleled ability to formulate coherent, human-sounding responses to almost any query or topic.  From passing medical exams to reimagining biblical verse, the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to ChatGPT.  Fuelled by curiosity, we decided to ask this magnificent …