Podcasts to boost your mental health

As much as we want to stay in denial (mentally I’m still in June), the winter season is almost upon us. For some of us, the winter months can be challenging, especially as the days get shorter and colder. To help give you a bit of a boost, we’ve put together a list of recommended podcasts. 


  • Let’s Talk: Mental Health 


A four-part series covers all things mental health, from managing stress to coping with toxic work cultures. 


Visit the Mental Health Foundation to stream all episodes for free. 


  • The Mind podcast 


Mind is a mental health charity which campaigns to raise awareness for mental health and improve the services available for those going through hard times. Check out the Mind podcast for a deep-dive exploration into people’s personal mental health stories. 


  • Bryony Gordon’s Mad World

Telegraph columnist and best-selling author Bryony Gordon interviews celebrity guests in this intimate podcast dispelling the myth that ‘normal’ exists. You can listen to the series on Spotify and Apple Podcasts


  • Terrible, Thanks for Asking 


Hosted by author Nora McInerny, this podcast series deals with all the big topics including grief, OCD, divorce and disabilities. It encourages listeners to open up about their struggles the next time someone asks ‘how are you?’. 


  • The Happiness Lab


This 100+ episode series offers actionable insight into the art of managing emotions. Rooted in academic research, listeners should come away with a deeper understanding of the link between behaviour and emotions, as well as the common misconceptions around mental health treatments. Listen here. 


We hope you found this blog of use – happy listening! Remember, the Amaré team is here to help if you are struggling to find a new healthcare role or are in need of career advice. Give us a call on 0203 929 4017 today.