It’s Occupational Therapy Week!

It’s Occupational Therapy Week! That means it’s time to celebrate the work of occupational therapists and promote awareness of their contributions to healthcare and well-being. If you want to get involved with Occupational Therapy Week in the UK, here are some steps you can take:


  1. Promote awareness on social media: Use social media platforms to spread the word about Occupational Therapy Week. You can share informative posts, stories, or videos about the role and impact of occupational therapists. Use relevant hashtags to connect with others participating in the event.


  1. Organise or participate in events: You can host or participate in events such as workshops, webinars, seminars, or exhibitions related to occupational therapy. These events can help educate the public about the profession and its benefits.


  1. Write articles or blogs: If you have knowledge or personal experiences related to occupational therapy, consider writing articles or blogs to share your insights and stories. You can publish these on your own blog or collaborate with healthcare websites.


  1. Attend conferences and workshops: Look for conferences or workshops related to occupational therapy in your area. Attending these events can help you network with professionals and learn more about the field.


  • Share what occupational therapy means to you: If you’re an occupational therapist yourself, or know of any – share your experiences and positive stories with the world and show your appreciation for this wonderful profession. 


To find out more about events taking place this week, keep an eye on RCOT’s website, social media, and other relevant sources and get involved! 

Here at Amaré Health, we offer a range of OT opportunities so get in touch today on 0203 929 4017 if you’re looking for a new challenge!